Grief and Loss Program

If you've experienced a loss recently, some of this may sound familiar:

"I know I need to grieve, but I haven't had the time..."

"I'm not sure how to support my kids through their grief, and they seem to be doing fine... How do I know if they need help or not??"

"Everyone in my family seems to be doing this so differently and I just feel like we can't connect about it..."

"Everyone around me seems to expect me to be over it by now, and I feel like I should be, but I'm not."

"I feel like I've hit a brick wall and I'm tired of all of this grief... What can I do?"


Nourish your body, heart, and family with a 7-day retreat on the slopes.

Vail, Colorado is the backdrop for a nurturing and introspective journey into how we manage our grief and use it to deepen our connection our families and to this life. Throughout the week we will learn how to process, express, and cope with grief through skiing and individual and family therapy. The retreat will include individual time with your ski therapists, and also time in your family group. A supportive community is essential for working through grief and we will spend time sharing stories and exploring this profound human experience. For non-skiers other nature-based initiatives can be part of this journey.

Throughout the course of the 7 days we will:

Explore the mysterious relationship between grief and joy.

Read The Medley That Is Grief, by Amy Winchester, Ski Therapy Grief Specialist